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This years walk started at Shotton Colliery and ended at Shotton Deeside. From Shotton to Shotton, the total miles walked was 171 and it took 7 days to complete.

This was a very hard walk given the crossing of the Pennines and the mostly attrocious weather all week. The walkers had to endure strong wind and heavy rain, but they pushed through, they persevered and they got there.

This page highlights many of the challenges along the way, including a broken down support van on day 2.

Getting Ready for the Walk

So this morning we went to collect the minibus which will be our transport up to Shotton Colliery and to carry all supplies and luggage for the week. A big thank you to Proximo who have kindly donated the use of this for the duration of the event.

We would also like to say a big thank you to the guys at the The Big Food Company we went in for a few bits and came out with a trolley overloaded with free stuff.

What great day to start the weekend.

Thankyou to Ben at TN bargain Wholesale Shotton for donating supplies for the teams walk next week.

Thankyou T&H Price Butchers, Shotton. Probably the best butchers in the known universe. The guys are gonna love this lot.

Thankyou Indulge Galore for your sweet and brownie box for the lads walk.

Day 1

Here we go! Wish us luck!!

And the walk begins… Today the lads are repping their NFA t-shirts, one of our incredible charities.

We are so grateful for all the support so far on just day 1. This gentleman in the wheelchair is an ex-veteran of 25 years, he served in the royal electrical mechanical engineers.

Day 2

And day 2 begins!

Not a great start to the day with the support van breaking down. It took several hours to get a replacement in which time Dean discovered a new hobby… flower arranging.

But the rest of the lads kept on going and Gav got to see a few tractors too…



Day 3

Day 3 and the boys are pushing it. 

A wet and windy day which never seemed to end.

Massive respect to the lads for never giving up.

Great to see see local faces turn up in Harrogate to see the guys.

71 miles done and 100 to go.


Day 4

As the days are getting tougher, today the lads were surprised by some family and friends upon arrival in Halifax. A very emotional end to a difficult day.

But some beautiful scenery en route.


Day 5

The van has now been turned into an inside dining area so the lads can get out the rain for a short while and their cold drinks and hot drinks are waiting ready for them and a little bit of haribo to get the legs pumping!!!

Another tough day up and down dale and the weather still hasn’t co-operated.

There’s only one way to end today…. and that’s with KFC!


Day 6

En route to Liverpool and a visit to Goodison Park and Anfield.

After an epic 31.3 miles the guys arrived in Liverpool all together. They were greeted by friends and family from home. A very emotional end to a challenging day.

The lads have absolutely smashed it this week and we are immensely proud!🤩

154.1 miles down and 17 to go! Not long now.

Day 7

The walk is complete. 171 miles walked in one week!

The five thousand pound target has been met and more donations continue to pour in.

The walk may be over, but the campaign is still going. Please donate today.


Gavin’s Tractors

Bonus section. Gavin’s tractor spotting kept him saner than the others throughout the hard week. Here’s a selection of the best.


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